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Тореадори з Васюківки Всеволод Нестайко

Тореадори з Васюківки Всеволод Нестайко

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"Toreadors from Vasyukivka" V. Nestayko 

"Тореадори з Васюківки" Всеволод Нестайко

About the book:

A cult classic that has earned its place in the golden canon of Ukrainian literature, "The Bullfighters from Vasukivka" was once a mandatory read in school curriculums. This book, recognized in the "Honor List of Andersen," has been translated into twenty languages. Thanks to the author's remarkable talent for creating humorous stories, this series of amusing tales often leads readers to uncontrollable laughter. Vsevolod Nestayko's book, "The Bullfighters from Vasukivka," was originally aimed at children and young adults, but any adult who delves into the adventurous stories will be captivated and uplifted by its content.

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